Wisdom Of the Rose: A Winter Solstice Women's Day Retreat, December 16th - 10am-6:30pm

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Wisdom Of the Rose: A Winter Solstice Women's Day Retreat, December 16th - 10am-6:30pm

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Join Jenn Mellon and Mary Grisey for a special day of healing magic shared in community with like-minded sisters as we connect with The Wisdom of the Rose.

The Rose is known as the “Queen of Flowers” and is deeply connected to the Path of the Priestess lineage. Tracing back to ancient civilizations, the rose was linked to deities such as Aphrodite, Eros and Dionysus. In the Middle Ages, the red rose and white rose became symbolic of the lineage of Christ, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. During the Roman Empire, garlands of roses strung into a crown were used by both men and women and played a vital role in economic, domestic, religious and ceremonial life.  

Rose symbolism is rooted in the wisdom of divine union of both masculine and feminine energies, offering the reflection of grace and fragility in its velvety petals, but also resilience and boundaries in its sharp-thorned stem. Within the aura of the rose holds a gentle reminder that there is both strength and power in vulnerability.

The winter solstice is a time of reflection, a deep pause as we enter the darkest cycle of the year. Humans have been celebrating the Winter Solstice all over the world at sacred sites for thousands of years. During this day-long immersion, we will gently go inward into the depths of our truth, stirring the remembrance of our inner light and power. Jenn & Mary will guide everyone in Spirit-Guided journeys in a sacred temple space with powerful, sacred rose rituals throughout the day. There will be rose infused cacao ceremony offered by Julia Corbett

We hope you will join us on a magical journey into the Wisdom of the Rose portal with us.

- Location: A private residence in Ojai, California
- When: Saturday, December 16th from 10am-6:30pm

  • Ceremony Circle
  • Crystal Sound Healing
  • Past Life Regression Journey Meditation
  • Seasonal Lunch
  • Sacred Garment Dyeing
  • Rose Cacao with Julia Corbett
  • Individual Spirit Messages
  • Ancient Rose Rituals
  • Ojai Hot Springs
  • and more...
Deck the Halls will be happening the following day in Ojai (December 17th) should you want to make a weekend getaway out of it! There are also a few hotels we recommend if you are coming from out of town. 

Cancellation Policy:

At this time we can not offer refunds or exchanges for this retreat.

Registration closes December 14th

Jenn Mellon has studied spiritual psychology through Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Method + has facilitated individual and group intuitive sessions for the past ten years, hosting women in her back yard yurt in Laguna Beach and now her temple space sunroom in Ojai, California. She founded the dress line Divine Feminine, which sold out with each production cycle. In tandem with the dresses, she taught extensive workshops on the Divine Feminine Archetypes, educating and activating women into their sacred feminine power. She studied the feminine archetypes with Sagefire Institute + is an facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and Jungian dream analysis. During her recent spiritual pilgrimage to the South of France, Jenn received the inspiration for Divine Union and the outline for her yearlong Priestess Program, inspired by the lineage and healing frequency of Christ Consciousness and Mary Magdalene. 

Mary Grisey is a psychic medium, multidimensional channeler, visual artist and mother to two beautiful daughters. She enjoys teaching psychic mediumship development and is currently writing her first book.