Mary Grisey Soul Remembering Reading

Soul Remembering: A Psychic Mediumship Reading

A deep-dive of a reading! This reading is a mixture of psychic, evidential mediumship and channeling.

In this reading we will start with your intention or any questions that you would like clarity on.

Then we will move through a brief chakra clearing and attunement so that I can access your field.

I will then connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones using automatic writing, psychism and evidential mediumship to deliver messages.


Channeled Art Session

Channeled Art sessions are currently completely booked. Please check back later!

These sessions include a Soul Remembering channeled letter and a unique channeled artwork I will create for you based on the specific visions and messages I receive. In these sessions I will connect to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones to materialize a sacred piece of art to own for years to come. These works of art can function as a talisman for your Soul’s evolution, a protector of your sacred space or perhaps something special to remind you of how powerful you are. It is my belief that the process of art making is a channeled journey where the artist moves into a liminal space between the 3rd and higher dimensional frequencies.

About my Channeled Art:
I create art to channel my psychic energy into the material realm. My art practice is a sacred act to explore the remembrance of my past lives, present moments and future Self. Transformation is central to my practice: a metamorphosis that explores the ruin and beauty of the human body to reveal our infinite Spirit.

My works, unlike the products of conventional fiber practices, bear traces of my hand—bits of imperfect or unfinished warp and weft—and the inexact results of hand-dyeing. Parts of the work are undone, unmade and unraveled, lending credence to their indeterminate nature.
While the process of weaving, in its demanding repetition and methodical rhythm, is a contemplative endeavor typically exact in execution, the ruinous state of these works points to my interest in the limits of the physical and preoccupation with the ethereal worlds. Ancient civilizations, the human condition, the Spirit worlds, metamorphosis and entropy are inspirations in my work.
Like ruins, my works are remnants of what was once whole; they are inscribed with traces of their previous life, death endured and the hereafter.

Please note that *most* channeled art works are handwoven on my floor loom and naturally dyed using plant materials.

The process of a Channeled Art session:
- Book your free 15 minute channeled art consultation call. During the consultation call we will discuss your intentions for the channeled art that you are desiring, pricing and other details.
- After our call, I will begin your Soul Remembering channeled letter and Channeled Art.
- Please allow the amount of time initially agreed upon for the creation of your art.

If you enjoy the work I create and would like to own something special for your space, please reach out. I would love to work with you!

Channeled Art Session Reading