Mary Grisey is a Multidimensional Channeler, Psychic, Spiritual Medium and Visual Artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She has been connected to the unseen world ever since she can remember and works closely with her Spirit Guides, Ruth and the Council of 12.

During her sessions, Mary channels her client’s Spirit guides, loved ones, healed ancestors and higher selves to support their soul remembering process. Her approach is always heart-centered, therapeutic and in the highest alignment of the client. Her fine art background provides a unique approach to her readings and teachings as they tend to foster creativity, inventiveness and imagination. 

Mary has studied the art of mediumship in advanced programs and development circles with renowned mediums: Mavis Pittilla, Eileen Davies and Lisa Williams. She has completed Linda Backman’s Soul Regression program and most recently, Josephine Hardman’s Akashic Records certification program. Mary has also been working with the tarot for over 15 years and is reiki 1 and 2 attuned by Aimee Bello of Altared Space. 

My Story:

I was born with a natural awareness to the Spirit World. It felt like home to me. When I was four years old, my namesake grandmother Mary died in the home that I grew up in. She was what I call a “door opener” for me into my early connection to the Spirit realms. I spent my formative years connecting to unseen realms – Spirits of loved ones, galactic beings, angels…you name it. Sometimes this was scary for me because I did not know how to “turn it off”, create energetic boundaries or properly protect my energy. Plus, all of those scary movies on TV reinforced the idea that the Spirit World was to be feared. My family did not have the tools to help build this safe foundation for me as a bourgeoning psychic medium, so naturally I pushed these gifts aside out of fear of not quite understanding how to work with them. No matter how much I tried to avoid my fear of what I did not understand, I couldn’t seem to escape it! Spirit was persistent, and I was intrigued and drawn to my intuitive gifts. 

In my twenties I came into the realization that we are never actually separate from the Spirit World and decided to channel this revelation into art. Art became my safe bridge to work with Spirit and to remember who I am on a soul level. Oftentimes in the studio I felt akin to an archaeologist excavating Soul memories beyond this lifetime – I followed the bread crumb trail of remembering and created multiple art works of my past lives in ancient civilizations. 

When I entered my thirties, I began to open my gifts to serve others as a full-time psychic/tarot reader and teacher. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I experienced a full-blown spiritual awakening. In late February of 2020, my beautiful daughter Sofie was born and simultaneously my mother passed away from cancer during a world-wide pandemic. My life was changed forever and my grief became a portal. The energetic strands of light that connected me to the Spirit World became stronger and my path became clearer. I began having spontaneous recall of past life memories, came into conscious awareness of my channel and extradimensional beings I had been channeling (*see information on the Council of 12 below). With time, healing and patience, I have been developing and reclaiming my true power as a conduit to the Spirit World. The work is never over.

I am incredibly passionate about connecting my clients to their truest selves, Spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit world. I also love helping other intuitives find their voice in this world whether that be through a one-on-one session, a workshop or mentorship with me. 

I am so delighted and honored that you found me! It is my hope that I can support those who would like to remember their true gifts as an amazing, infinite Soul.

Who are The Council of 12?

The Council of 12 are a collective of extradimensional light beings from multiple star systems who assist the growth and development of human souls on Earth. Some of them are our ancient Earth ancestors from another timeline and channel through me to help the collective awakening at this time.

They have worked with me as Spirit Guides since I was a child and in the past few years I have come into conscious understanding of who they are, where they are from and their relationship with me.

You can view Mary's art HERE