Making Contact: Meet Your Spirit Guide (A Channeling Workshop), September 26th- 5-7pm PST

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Making Contact: Meet Your Spirit Guide (A Channeling Workshop), September 26th- 5-7pm PST

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 At this time our planet is going through a very important evolutionary shift, and there are many of us who are experiencing a deep soul awakening. Part of this awakening is to elevate the vibration of our planet by expanding our awareness to higher dimensional planes.

As we expand, it is important we become aware that our souls are multidimensional and that we have the ability to channel high vibrational consciousnesses that guide us along our human journey. Through the process of developing our intuitive awareness, we can consciously tune into our connection to spirit and come into our remembering as multidimensional beings…

Between your first and last breath, your spirit guide has and always will be with you. Spirit guides are multidimensional beings in light form that assist us as we navigate through life; providing insight, wisdom and support. We have certain guides that stay with us our entire life, and others that will show up intermittently to help with certain life situations or goals you are trying to achieve.

Making contact with your guide is one of the most natural things we can do. It is a familiar relationship filled with unconditional love that continues to blossom with time. The more we surrender and trust ourselves to listen with our soul, the more we can understand the nature of our relationship with our spirit guide. 

In this workshop, we will be learning how to connect with our Spirit Guide(s) through the wonderful art of channeling. Mary will teach how to make contact with your Guide and demonstrate a channeled spirit message and drawing. She will then lead everyone in meditation to meet their Spirit Guide(s) which initiate the channeling process through automatic writing and drawing. Everyone will have a chance to practice hands-on and there will be ample space during the class for sharing experiences, visions and asking any questions you might have. 

*** The practice of channeling is when we bring ourselves into a heightened state of awareness where the mind moves simultaneously inward and the Soul expands outward with the purpose of becoming one with Spirit. We all have a channel within us.

*This class will be held via Zoom video and will be recorded in case you cannot join live or would like to rewatch.

*Two full scholarships will be given to students in need. Please email me with a quick note of why you would like to attend this workshop to be considered. Deadline to apply is September 22. 

Who is this workshop for?
Intuitive practitioners of all levels are welcome (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
This workshop is centered around community sharing, support and dialogue.
Please come with an open mind and heart. No writing or drawing experience is necessary for this workshop.
Materials to bring to class:
- A journal and something to write with.
- (Optional) drawing pad and tools to draw with (colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, crayons, pen, etc.)
What you will receive:
- A recording of the class
- A PDF of the class material
- A demonstration of channeling