Art & Altar: A Channeling Masterclass

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Art & Altar: A Channeling Masterclass

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February 17 - May 25, 2024
Saturdays from 11am-1pmPST

Online via Zoom Video. All classes will be recorded in case you can’t make it live or would like to rewatch

Deadline to signup: Thursday, February 15th

Within us, there is a dance of light inspired by the spiritual realms…

For millenia humans have been channeling art. From the ancient paleolithic cave drawings of Lascaux to the spiritualist paintings of Hilma af Klint, there is evidence that humans have been tapping into a power beyond themselves. There is a co-creation at play; echoing from the whispers of the spirit world. 

In this twelve week deep-dive, Mary will teach various channeled art techniques and incorporate guided meditations that will assist you into an altered state of awareness with the intention to build upon your art altars. Our journey begins when you receive a hand-sewn & plant-dyed altar cloth that will be personally mailed to you. Throughout the course of the masterclass, you will build upon your altar cloth using these channeled art processes: 

  • Scrying
  • Spirit Portraiture 
  • Auragraphs
  • Automatic // Channeled Drawing & Writing
  • Sacred Clay Vessels
  • Magical Talismans & Amulets
  • and more…

Whether you identify as an artist or not, this course will support your soul’s creative expression needed to manifest prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. 

This masterclass was inspired by a combination of Mary’s experience in academia (BFA in Fiber and Material Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in Fine Arts from York University in Toronto) and a lifelong connection with the spirit world. Mary has created an artistic practice that is led by spirit and is thrilled to guide her students through this unique channeled process. I hope you will join us on this magical journey! 

*Scholarships have been filled.

Class dates: 

  • 2/17
  • 2/24
  • 3/2
  • 3/9

Break: Integration Week

  • 3/23
  • 3/30
  • 4/6
  • 4/13

Break: Integration Weeks

  • 5/4
  • 5/11
  • 5/18
  • 5/25

Office Hours: Additional three one-hour classes structured for Q & A and sharing your channeled art.

  • 3/4
  • 4/8
  • 5/13
  • *All from 5-6pmPST

*A bonus pre-recorded offering will be released on 4/27 during the integration week.

    Class Schedule

    ***Prior to the first class, all students will have a hand-sewn and plant-dyed altar cloth to start. This altar cloth was created under the Winter Solstice magic. (Example of the altar cloth in photo shown)

    Module 1: Meet Your Guide & The Aura

    • Class 1 - Introduction to Channeling: Meet Your Guide 

       (*with special guest musician, Chris Dingman)

    • Class 2 - History of Channeled Art & Automatic Drawing
    • Class 3 - Auragraphs: Part 1
    • Class 4 - Auragraphs: Part 2

    Module 2: Spirit Art & Intuitive Sculpture 

    • Class 5 - Spirit Art: Scrying
    • Class 6 - Spirit Art: Spirit Guide // Loved One Portraiture
    • Class 7 - Intuitive Clay: Ritual Vessel
    • Class 8 - Mixed Media: Magical Amulets & Talismans   (*with special guest musician, Chris Dingman)

    Module 3: Channeled Writing

    • Class 9 - Automatic Writing: Letter From Your Guide 
    • Class 10 - Automatic Writing: Letter From Your Past Self (Soul Regression)
    • Class 11 - Automatic Writing: Letter From Your Future Self (Soul Progression)
    • Class 12 - Closing: Sacred Soul Tool Activation   (*with special guest musician, Chris Dingman)

    *Special Guest musician, Chris Dingman, is a NYC-based vibraphonist and composer known for his sonically rich and expansive soundscapes. Through layers of simultaneous sound on the vibraphone and his own vocals, he channels immersive music that many have described as transportive, inspiring, and deeply healing. Chris has worked with legendary artists Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, and many of today’s jazz, creative, and world music luminaries. He brings together this background with a host of influences from around the world, in service of taking listeners on a journey to a transcendent place.

    *Most* of the classes will be structured like this:

    • Q & A (ex., you asking me questions about anything related to the course material and me answering to the best of my ability)
    • Course instruction
    •  A visualization // meditation
    • Hands on exercise: Channeled art 
    • Breaking off into groups of two (in Zoom breakout rooms) to practice hands-on what we have learned that day. *Please note we will not be breaking off in practice groups every class. 

    *Please note that art supplies are not included in the cost of course. A suggested art material list will be provided upon purchase of the course. 

    An altar is a dedicated sacred space that contains a curation of objects imbued with magical, spiritual energy. The creation of an altar is a ritual we return to connect us back in with our truth, the spirit world and the universe around us. By the end of the masterclass, you will have an altar full of your magical, channeled art created by you!
    ~PDF’s of all course material
    ~Recommended resources for further study
    ~Recording of each class
    ~Access and hands on practice with a community of other students
    ~Weekly exercises, homework and optional partner practice for channeled art development
    This class is geared towards all levels of intuitive & creative explorers (beginner, intermediate or advanced are welcome). You could be completely new to this work, have a basic/fundamental understanding or perhaps are already working as an intuitive and/or artist.
    No prerequisites required! Perhaps you are curious about working with your intuition or would like to take your work to a professional level one day.
    This class is for anyone who wants to create abundance, joy and prosperity into their everyday life. This class is centered around community sharing, support and dialogue. Please come with an open mind and heart.