The Altered States: A Channeling Circle

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The Altered States: A Channeling Circle

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In this development circle, we will dive deeper into the art of channeling. Whether you would like to do this work for personal use or for others, this class will help you connect with Spirit in a safe and supported environment.

When you can tap into the higher dimensions of the Other Side, your reality will be blown wide open with new understandings and perspectives.

We can use this work to deeply heal ourselves and one another through the development of connecting with the love vibration of Spirit.

Throughout these six weeks, Mary will teach various channeling techniques to connect with Spirit, and then will break everyone up in groups (via Zoom breakout rooms) to practice hands-on in the community. Mary will incorporate meditations with the focus of building our power in order to establish a sustainable connection with the Spirit world. She will leave ample space during each session for sharing experiences, visions and any questions you might have. 

This development circle is for those of you who would like to connect with your unique channeling gifts and abilities and practice with others in the community. I hope you will join us!


  • Thursdays from 5-6:30pm PST
  • 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/10, 11/17, 12/1

*This class will be held via Zoom video and will be recorded in case you cannot join live or would like to rewatch.

*Two full scholarships will be given to students in need. Please fill out this scholarship form HERE to be considered. Deadline to apply is October 7th and recipients will be notified by October 10th. 

-Intro to channeling
-Automatic writing
-Direct voice channeling
-Spirit art
-Trance healing
-And More!
This class is geared towards all levels of intuitive explorers (beginning, intermediate or advanced).
You could be completely new to this work, have a basic/fundamental understanding or perhaps are already working as an intuitive. No prerequisites required!
Perhaps you are curious about working with the art of channeling or would like to take your work to a professional level one day.
This class is centered around community sharing, support and dialogue.
Please come with an open mind and heart.
-PDF’s of all course material
-Recommended resources for further study
-Hands on practice with community
-Recorded classes in case you miss one or would like to rewatch